This Tuesday, October 23, C8 broadcast a documentary titled Issa Doumbia: welcome home. The humorist and comedian confided in on his impressive weight loss.

I do not do it for people, but for me, he says. Issa Doumbia performs as never before. The comedian comedian of 36 years was the star of C8 this Tuesday, October 23. The one who plays in Our dear neighbors alongside Joy Esther and Gil Alma shared his daily life with the viewers in a documentary titled Issa Doumbia: welcome home. The former chronicler of Touche not at my posts’y is entrusted with his impressive weight loss.

“I lost 35 pounds,” he announces proudly. The opportunity to reveal the secrets of his physical transformation. He owes his weight loss to his radical lifestyle change. Issa Doumbia made the decision to change his diet “and play sports,” he says facing the camera. If he wanted to change his habits, it is to get better physically. It was a real necessity. For health and also for the future, he says.

And to reveal what was the trigger: “It started when I ran with a kid. I ran 1km, I was dead. I told myself if I have children and I have to play with them, give up, I’m going to choke after ten seconds so I do not want that. “ If he has “always been more or less round,” Issa Doumbia recognizes that he began to let go and therefore to gain a lot of weight when he was 19, at the time of separation from his parents.

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