Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has teased a big project that he’s ‘been quietly working on for years.’

Does he ever sleep?

The actor, who’s currently renting the same Richmond mansion that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie stayed in in 2016, took to social media to share his excitement.

Dwayne posted a photo of him looking hard at work surrounded by two iPads with a ram’s head looming above him (that’s how you know it’s a big project).

‘You know it’s a big business call when I have/2 IPad’s going at once Calmly taking notes And didn’t even change out of my sweaty clothes from working out,’ he wrote.

‘This next venture is a special one. A big one. I’m creating a product for you that will help you celebrate your passion, your mana (spirit), your work, your family, your life. I’ve been quietly working on this for years. Announcement coming soon.’

Suitably vague, the announcement has fans hyped.

The teaser comes after The Rock moved into the Surrey mansion previously rented by Brad and Angelina earlier this month.

He showed fans his new pad by posting a photo of him atop a white horse outside it (how else?).

‘Good Thanksgiving hang with Rusty at the crib here in London. This ol’ boy’s a genuine star as he was Russell Crowe’s horse in one of my favorite films, GLADIATOR as well as ROBIN HOOD…

‘Rusty’s clearly happy when Russell is on his back, because I heard that unmistakeable horse groan of “Holyyyy shit please don’t get on me” when 6’5 265lbs of tattooed sunshine saddled up on him. Thankful to Rusty and his pal, Rosey for coming to the crib today for some Thanksgiving ridin’ w/ the ohana.’

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