While the viewers of W9 will find him on November 15 in “Lost in the middle of nowhere”, comedian Issa Doumbia confided in the pages of the magazine “Ici Paris” in the kiosks on October 31, 2018. He lifted the veil on his private life, revealing no longer being in a relationship with Caroline.

Sent to Panama for a week with former Acadian Star Jean-Pascal Lacoste, the friendly Issa Doumbia said he loved the Lost adventure in the middle of nowhere. Referring to what he missed with distance, he revealed that it was not his darling Caroline since they were not together … for a long time.

“I’m not with Caroline anymore for three years!”, The 36-year-old released. A young woman with whom he had posed on various occasions, notably at the La Rochelle Festival of TV drama in 2014. Moreover, with her, he already saw himself as a dad … This recent statement raises some questions, however, because to the last news, Issa Doumbia was not a heart to take. In spring 2017, he presented his “half” by refusing to give his name. But on Instagram, the comedian has since removed any photo of this mysterious unknown … So is he single? It seems so.

Issa Doumbia, who has lost weight again thanks to intense food and sports efforts, has revealed what he missed the most by being away with little business. “What is missing most is technology, I was so used to GPS … (…) Of course, being disconnected, ending up in a country we do not know, it’s is a bit hard, but at some point we also know that we will go home, “he said.

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