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A new episode of Camping Paradise, returns this Monday, September 24 at 21h on TF1. The opportunity to discover the secrets of the spectacular weight loss of its main actor, Laurent Ournac. No Stop People tells you more.

Laurent Ournac is 34 when he decides to lose weight in a radical way, because he suffers from morbid obesity, and the result is convincing: in the space of 10 months, the actor has lost sixty kilos. It is thanks to a doctor that the trigger occurs: “he told me about morbid obesity and it’s a word that scared me,” Laurent Ournac told Telestar magazine. There is also her daughter, Capucine, born in 2012: “She is already galloping, so I want to be able to follow her, to ride a bike with her, I want to be able to run after her without being out of breath at the end of 4 meters “. The hero of “Camping Paradise” therefore made a decision: “In fact I did not diet, I had surgery,” he explained to Telesar. This is a sleeve gastrectomy. This technique of bariatric surgery is proposed to the patients suffering from obesity: also called “longitudinal gastrectomy in sleeve”, it consists of definitively removing 2/3 of the stomach, contrary to the installation of a gastric ring, it is an irreversible act. After the operation, the volume of it is of the order of 150 ml, about that of a banana. Laurent Ournac also said he was tired of being considered “the bulk of service”. “I do not want to be reduced to a characteristic of my person!”


According to him, the former candidate of “My unbelievable fiance” had reached the stage of morbid obesity by “gorging”: “today, I eat a little less than my 3 year old daughter”. But these new constraints are not experienced as deprivations. “A sleeve should not frustrate, deprive or prohibit … It accompanies, it is part of me.With new eating habits.It is not easy every day, attention.I remain a food lover, I learned to consume it differently that’s all, do not worry, thanks and good appetite! “he told the Gala magazine website. The other major asset of Laurent Ournac’s diet is sport! As the actor said last April on Instagram: “Exit running … it is finally now that the course in which I have engaged is difficult.Hold, stay the course, do not let go and persevere!”. What give ideas to all those who would like to do more sports.

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